Reading this week.

Reading this week has been a bit problematic lately. I have a policy of never giving negative reviews because book taste is subjective and, as a writer myself, I am fully aware of how much work goes into producing even quite a short novel. You may have gathered that the posts should really be titled read last week because I never put up a book unless I know what it's like thus, a negative review is avoided. Since my last reading post I have read five novels and a novella. One Judith Cutler mystery from the Lina Townend series. This was a re-read so I knew I'd enjoy it even though I never quite know what's going on. This was followed by two chick-lit/contemporary romance novels which were frankly awful and so won't get a mention here. The first was the fifth novel from a popular indie author and was utterly flat. I read her first novel and had exactly the same criticisms of that novel but she sells well so what do I know? The second was published by Carina Press and although the premise was interesting the author used the same two words so many times I had a touch of the screaming habdabs before I finished it. I went on to read a Victorian set novel which sounded promising but was actually so boring I almost feel asleep over it. The novella was by the same author and although it was better that's the only good thing I have to say about it.

Cooking Up a StormFinally,a book I can mention: Cooking up a Storm by Sue Welfare. I had been looking at this book for ages before I finally downloaded it and this one lived up to its promise. It's a fun read about Sarah, a young woman whose life suddenly collapses around her so she moves to the country with her two little boys. I laughed out loud on more than one occasion and although at first I thought I knew who the hero would be, for long periods of the novel I really wasn't sure. Highly recommended if you're looking for something light and feel good.


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    1. Hi Author, thank you for your nice comment. There's a "follow by e-mail box in the side bar of the blog which allows you to subscribe. I'm not posting much at the moment so you won't be overloaded with reading just yet!